Mission & Goal


Our goal is to provide acute health care services for the community of Ngapagok and surrounding areas where one in ten people has access to health services.


To construct a Primary Health Centre to provide acute health services for the local community of Ngapagok and the surrounding communities. Promote healthy nutrition for women and children; safer hygienic practices of mid-wifery and an independent healthy lifestyle. The management of the center once completed will be handed over to the state government and or NGO.

To facilitate this, we are liaising with the health ministry of Southern Sudan who are grateful for our contribution and will be more than happy to contribute towards our project. They also promise that the staffing and supplies of the clinic will be the responsibility of the government in partnership with the local NGOs currently working in the region. The long-term goal is to empower the locals to be in charge of their own development as well as manage their own nutritional and health issues.